Jean-Gabriel LEYNAUD
Cinematographer film/digital and Director

*Cinematographer of Melting Souls 90' documentary directed by François-Xavier Destor about the Siberian city of Norilsk (Les Films d'Un Jour 2017)
FIPA, Dok Fest, Full Frame, Hot Spring offical selection 2018
AWARDS: Grand Prix in Lund and Autrans, Best doc in Bristol
*Cinematographer of On The Bridge 90' documentary directed by Olivier Morel about the US soldiers suffering from PTSD after being deployed in Iraq (Arte/Zadig 2010/11)
AWARDS: Detroit Uptown, Chicago, Los Angels Movie Awards, Chashama New York, Finalist in Monaco
*Cinematographer of We are one 90' documentary about 4 social activists in Brazil, Mali, USA and France. Directed by Stéphane de la Freitas for Netflix (Valdes 2018-2020)
*Cinematographer on Miradas Multiples 90' documentary directed by Emilio Maillé portraying the fabulous work of Gabriel Figueroa (cinematographer of: L.Bunuel, J. Ford, J. Houston...) . The movie was shot on film and stars many of the biggest living cinematographers (El Caiman 2012)
Venice Mostra 2012 selection (Venizia Classico)
Camerimage 2013 / ASC Club house presentation and Article in 9/13 edition of the American Cinematographer
*Cinematographer and second unit director (more than 100 shots edited) of Snowboarder 90’ fiction film directed by Olias Barco with Grégoire Colin and Nicolas Duvauchelle (Nord Ouest/Studio Canal 2002)
*Cinematographer on Teodoro en Concerto 90' documentary directed by Emilio Maillé portraying in black and white scope format the architect Teodoro Gonzales De Leon (El Caiman 2017)
*Cinematographer on Sky Poets 90' documentary directed by Emilio Maillé portraying the fire works artists around the world (El Caiman 2018)
*Cinematographer on  Ever, Rêve, Hélène Cixous 120' documentary about the dramatist and feminist Hélène Cixous directed by Olivier Morel (Zadig Production 2017) Selected at Montréal Festival
*Cinematographer of  The Last Prayer? 90' directed by Dider Martiny about the Christians in Orient (Ligne de Front, editing and filming in process 2015/16)
*Cinematographer of Bengt, the Gentle Scientist 90' documentary from Lars Bom about doping in high level sport with the master of human physiology Bengt Saltin (Bom Production/editing in process)
*Cinematographer of L'homme aux huis Pôles 90' documentary from Didier Martiny about the polar explorer Frederik Paulsen (Zanagara, shooting still in process)
*Cinematographer of Vietnam, The Medias Betrayal 90' documentary from Patrick Barbéris about the crisis between the US army and the press from the Tet offensive in 1968 until nowadays in Irak (Arte/Zadig 2008)
AWARD: Étoile de la SCAM 2009
*Cinematographer of La vie sans Brahim 84' documentary directed by Laurent Chevallier about the life of an illegal immigrant coming from Morocco (TACT 2001)
AWARDS: Gentilly and Clermont Ferrand
*Cameraman of Le cri du caméléon 65' fiction directed by Laurent Chevallier with Josef Nadj (Arte/Poisson volant 1997)
*Cinematographer on Le chantier de la parole documentary directed by Bernard Monsigny about a group of young autistics. MK2 cinemas in 2000 (France 2, MACT 1999)
*Cinematographer on Folle de mon copain Rachid 90' fiction directed by Philippe Barassat. Cinematographer of the part name Folle de c'mec. Theatre release in March 2001 and broadcast on France 3 and Arte (AF 1995)
*Cinematographer of numerous short cuts including: Les témoins de la nuit 13' by Sylvain Fouchet and Christophe Cousin with Daniel Duval and Aïssa Maiga (Why Not 2000) and DP of Mr Goyer 13' directed by Laurent Lindebringst with José Garcia

*Cinematographer of a serial of 24 short films for Coca Cola  (La Boite 2017)  
*Cinematographer of 9 films for the insurance compagny La Macif (LDF 2017)
*Cinematographer of 3 films for Mac Donald 2016 french campaign (Crac 2016)
*Cinematographer of 2 films of Onfone Scandinavian mobile phone operator (KWent 2010/11)
*Cinematographer of Mars for Cnes. 6' science fiction film full of special effects
shoot on 35mm cinemascope (VA 2007)
*Cinematographer of 3 films of the French clothes AAA, 35mm (AF 1995)
*Cinematographer of one film for Colgate (Javel product) 35mm (MBP 1995)
*Cinematographer on one film for the SNCB Belgium National Railway Company (Sombrero Production1999)
*Camera operator on a film for Ovomaltine Super 16mm (Gap 1997)
*Cinematographer of prestige corporate films for Louis Vuiton, Hermès, Bic, CNES, ESA, EDF, UN...
*Cinematographer and second unit director on Waking The Baby Mammoth 90′ directed by Pierre Stine about a baby mammoth body found in the Siberian permafrost. France 2 coproduction (Woollyworks Inc 2009)
*Cinematographer of Himalaya Search 52' directed by Christophe Rosanvallon (Upside 2007)
*Cinematographer and Director of Lovers on The Ice 52' film telling my own 58 days expedition to the North Pole with my girlfriend Bettina Aller (Freeport, TV2 Denmark 2004)
AWARDS: Dijon, Montreal and Ecollywood
*Cinematographer and Director of A woman in Antarctica 52' (Gedeon Programmes 2000)
*Cinematographer and Director of 99 Days on The Ice 52' TV2 and Voyage (Nonsense Production, Freeport films, Sombrero&Co 2006)
AWARDS: Dijon, Montréal, La Rochelle, Ecollywood, selected in the Bannf world tour
*Cinematographer of the European version of Mars Rising 5 times 52’ documentary co-directed by Pascal Cuissot about the future exploration of planet Mars. Co-produced by Arte (13 Production 2008)
*Cinematographer on Porfirio Diaz: hero or traitor? 52’ about the Mexican dictator directed by Emilio Maillé (Bravo Film 2015)
*Cinematographer on Bloody Cartoons 52' documentary directed by Karsten Kjear about the scandal around the publication of drawings showing the Muslim prophet (DR/Arte/BBC/ZDF/Freeport 2007)
*Cinematographer on Paul Cézanne 52' documentary directed by J. Sutherland (Media assistance/BBC 1995)
*Cinematographer and Director of A Place in the Republic 54' telling the life of 2 young drugs addicted. This film was achieved after 13 years of filming (Lapsus 2006)
AWARD: Étoile de la SCAM 2008
*Cinematographer and Director of Under The Stones of Gaza 52' about the difficult work of the archaeologists trying to save the extraordinary legacy of past civilisations in Gaza strip. TSR Switzerland, RTBF Belgium, TVO Canada, SBS Australia (Gedeon programmes 2005)
*Cinematographer of The Karate Lesson 52' documentary from P. Barbéris about JP Vignau an absolutely unique karate and life professor working in a difficult neighborhood of Paris (13 Production 2004)
*Cinematographer on L'odyssée du Sao Mai 52' documentary directed by Jean-Phillipe Pons telling the 4 years journey of a young French team from Saigon to Saint Malo aboard a traditional Chinese Junk (Gedeon 2001)
AWARDS: Dijon and Val D’Isère
*Cinematographer and Director of Alone in Antarctica 58' documentary about Laurence de la Ferrière’s Antarctica crossing. Co produced by La Cinquième and Rai (Gedeon 2000)
*Cinematographer and Director of Skibums 26' documentary about the ski-bums way of life. Broadcast in Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, on Planète and Canal Horizon (Les films du village 1996)
AWARD: Lilles
*Cinematographer of Stax 52' doc directed by T. Herman and L. Baillon about the Soul label and its close relations to the USA civil rights movement (Flair 2018-19)
*Cinematographer of Hellfest, Masters of Rock 90' musical documentary from Thierry Villeuneuve (Sombrero&Co 2012)
*Cinematographer of The Secret History of Oil 2x52' documentaries from Patrick Barberis (Sodaperaga 2010)
*Cinematographer of Hellfest 90' musical documentary from Gaetan Chataigner (Sombrero&Co 2012)
*Cinematographer and steadicamer of Les vieilles charues 90' musical doc from Serge Bonafous (S&Co 2012)
*Cinematographer of L’Elysée au pied du mur 84’ from Patrick Barberis about the crisis between the French and the German government during Berlin’s wall fall in 1989 (Arte/Novaprod 2009)
*Cinematographer of the french part of The Other Revolution 52' from Malgorzata Bucka (Alegria 2009)
*Cinematographer on Fly Like a Bird 52’ from Stéphane Bégoin about the invention of the helicopter. Co-produced by France 3 (Sombrero&Co 2008)
*Cinematographer of The Brown Gold 52’ from Jeanne Mascolo about the Cordyceps. This caterpillar transforming itself into a mushroom after its deaf is the most exclusive product of Chinese traditional medicine (Strawberry film 2008)
*Cinematographer of Verdun’s Century 52' from Patrick Barbéris that reveals of the symbols of First World War Verdun’s battle as been used differently trough the 20th century. Co-produced by France 5 and TSR (Image&Co 2006)
*Cinematographer of The Shadows of Devil Island 52' documentary about the French Guyana’s prisons directed by Patrick Barbéris. Only shot with crane and dolly track movements. Co-produced by PBS, History Chanel and RFO (Temps Noir 2005)
*Cinematographer of Azincourt 52' docudrama by Rob Coldstream about the 1415 battle. More than 42' of fiction in costumes. Coproduction Channel 4/Arte (Junniper TV/Gedeon programmes 2003)
*Cinematographer and Director of Tout là-haut 26' documentary about the physical and psychological effects of very high altitude climbing written together with Laurent Chevallier. Broadcast by France 3 and Planète. Selected in Banff (Les films d’ici 1997)
AWARDS: Trento and Puy St Vincent
* Director and Cinematographer of Place de la République 52' about a year in the life of two drugs addicted friends living in the streets of Paris. Broadcast in Norway, Canada (MBP, Les Films du Village 1995)
Presented at the French Cinémathèque in Mai 2002
*Cinematographer of The Golden Age? 52' documentary directed by Laurent Hasse about old people’s life (Sombrero Production 1996)
* Director and Cinematographer of Sous les glaces du Groenland 55' about the first underwater exploration in the Arctic below 100m (Docside 2015)
AWARDS: 2 in La Rochelle, Autrans, Belgrade, Explos
*Cinematographer and co-author of Nyiragongo, a Volcano in The City 52' documentary by Antoine De Maximi. Co-proced by France 5, Nova USA, Canada and Italie (Bonne pioche 2003)
AWARDS: Dijon and Autrans
*Cinematographer of The Earth Seen From The Wind 52' directed by Jack Cohen about two brothers during their third consecutive success at the Gordon Bennet air ballon race. (Sombrero 2004)
AWARDS: Dijon and Saint Hylaire
*Cinematographer of Le voyage immobile 90' documentary directed by Emilio Maillé about a scientific expedition of Jean-Louis Etienne at the North Pole. Co-produced by TVO (Gedeon programmes/Espace vert 2002)
*Cinematographer of Huit clos à huit mille 90' and 52' documentary by Laurent Chevallier about a scientific experiment simulating the ascent of Mount Everest in a decompression room (Ecoutez Voir 1997)
*Cinematographer of Le retour de Dieu Gou 52' documentary directed by Laurent Vedrine about the restitution of stolen African Art by the French state (Temps Noir 2019-20)
*Cinematographer of The Madela Myth 52' documentary directed by FX Destor (Temps Noir 2018-19)
*Cinematographer of Demographie 70’ with Danny Cohn Bendit directed by Daniel Serre (Flair Production 2016)
AWARD: GoldenTrophy Dauville Green awards
*Cinematographer of The Sunken Eldorado 70' directed by Didier Martiny and De Delestrac (Via Decouverte 2017/18)
*Cinematographer on La force des femmes, 5 Mediterranean Women 52' directed by Ruth Zylberman about strong female characters fighting for changing their society and its mentality (Zadig Productions 2013)
*Cinematographer of The Ranthambore’s Claws 52' directed by Daniel Serre about the ecological and human problems surrounding the Tiger preservation in India (Strawberry film 2008)
*Cinematographer of From Kruger to Pangola 52' directed by Daniel Serre about the management of wild life in South Africa and the collaboration between white farmers and black communities (Strawberry film 2008)
*Cinematographer of A Sacrificed Lake 52' directed by Anne Loussouarn about the ecological and human drama happening around lake Edouard in Democratique Republique of Congo (Strawberry film 2006)
*Cinematographer of Cécille Roll-Tanguy, a Freedom Fighter 52' documentary directed by Patrick Barberis about this great French resistant of second world war (MFP 2004).
*Cinematographer of Les trésors maudits de l’Altiplano 52' documentary directed by Dominique Lenglart and José Maldavsky about the exploitation of Bolivia’s natural resources through centuries (Bonne Pioche 2004)
AWARDS: Autrans and Bansko
*Cinematographer of the French part of Mission Arctic one 90' and five 52' documentaries directed by Jean Lemir and Thierry Piantanida about global warming. CBS, France 5 and Télé Québec (Gedeon Programmes 2003)
*Cinematographer and Director of The Land of The Djinns 52' documentary about the desert traverse accomplished by Régis Belleville and Taha Bouessif between Chinguetti and Timbuktu. Voyage, RTBF, TV5 and TSR (Gedeon 2002)
AWARDS: 2 in Dijon, Valauris, La Rochelle and Montreal
*Cinematographer of L'Erta'Ale documentaries of 90' and 52' directed by Jacques Durieux about a scientific expedition on the lava lake of the Erta'Ale in Ethiopia (Taxi-Brousse 2001)
*Cinematographer and Director of Antarctica’s Village 52' documentary about the life and the scientific studies in the polar base of Dome C. Rai, Planete, Arte (Gedeon Programmes 2000)
*Cinematographer of The Passengers of The Wind 52' documentary about two brothers who are champions of gas air balloons, directed by Jack Cohen. (Les films d’ici 1998)
*Cinematographer and Director of Everest Eyes Wide Open 26' about a young snowboarder who discovers the Tibet occupied by the Chinese and the Everest occupied by tourists and dollars (Sombrero 1999)
AWARDS: Bailly and Lille
*Cinematographer and Director of Inside the Volcanoes 52' about 2 lava lakes in Africa (No Penguins, Sombrero &Co 2010)
*Cinematographer and Director of The track to the Stone Age 52' about the meeting with an un-contacted tribe hidden in the jungle of West Papoua. Co-produced by Voyage, broadcast on France 5 (Sombrero&Co/No Penguins 2010)
*Cinematographer on Danish at War 65’ and 4 times 32’ directed by Karsten Kjear telling one year in the life of a group of Danish in Afghanistan and back home (Freeport Films 2009)
AWARD: Danish documentary of the year at the Ǻrets TV Festival

*Cinematographer and director of Tom's Wild Years from the Danish Artist Hasse Poulsen (Sombrero&Co 2020)
*Cinematographer of Au dessus de toi from Clement Chassaing directed by Azzura Lugari (Sombrero&Co 2019)
*Cinematographer of Good from Rodolphe Burger directed by Patrick Mario Bernard (Sombrero&Co 2017)
*Cinematographer of Happy Hour from Rodolphe Burger directed by Patrick Mario Bernard (Sombrero&Co 2017)
*Cinematographer of The Wild from Pony Hoax directed by Azzura Lugari (Sombrero&Co 2015)
*Cinematographer of Au revoir mon amour from the French singer Dominique A directed by Azzura Lugari (Sombrero&Co 2015)
*Cinematographer of Give In To It from the US band The New History directed by Paul Paulsen (Ninth Pole 2014)

*Cinematographer and co-technical-developer of a world premiere immersive augmented-reality installation created and directed by Karim Ben Khelifa. The imersive installation The Enemy is allowing viewers to move freely into a 3D world to meet actual warriors from the Israel/Palestine, Congo and Salvador conflicts.
Produced by: MIT Boston, France TV, Camera Lucida 
AWARD: Rose d'Or of the best VR program at Berlin Festival 2017, GIFF 2018 and World VR Forum 2018) 
*Cinematographer and director of Welcome to EGRIP a virtual visit of the scientific station located in North East Greenland (Nonsense Production 2019/20)

*Owner of Sony F5 4K (record up to 240im/s in 16 bit Raw) and Sony Fx9 4K Full Frame. Both cameras fully equipped with Prime Leica series, Fujinon Cinema Zoom, Canon Pro zoom series... lighting equipment (including 2 Day light HMI Joker bug 400W, 5 big Litepanels, kinoflos…)
*Still photographer published in numerous books and magazines like National Geographic, Paris Match, Le Figaro, Billed Bladet, Elle ….
*Steadicam, MoVI and Ronin operator
*Underwater operator, owner of a 4K underwater filming unit
*Crane shoots operator
*More than 100 hours of filming from helicopters
*More than 200 concerts (Ray Charles, The Cures, The white stripes, Pulp, REM…)
*Experimented mountain climber and diver
*Absolutely fluent in English, good in Danish, able to manage in German and shooting knowledge of Spanish and Arabic