Danish Open Prison

Instead of being only focused on the simple concept of punishment the Danish open prison system is organized around the idea of improving the inmates life. The administration is trying to help the prisoners to find a new or a better place into the society once they'll be set free again. Scholar and professional Education inside or outside the prison are encouraged, treatments for drug addictions are proposed as well as sport and artistic activities. The time of freedom privation is a time for personal and social reconstruction.

To avoid the classical alteration of prisoners private and family relations the Danish administration organizes easy and long visiting times every weekend. The use of mobile phones is also allowed so inmates can preserved their links through their prison term.

The prisoners have to be active. Whatever their chose to work or study, they will receive a salary for it. They leave in groups of 12 inmates each having their one bedroom and a small bathroom. They cook, clean and do the laundry in what becomes their home. Since the autonomy of the prisoners is very developed, the administration needs only one guard and one social worked for 12 prisoners.  They leave and eat together with the prisoners. The men in uniforms easily develop friendly relations with the inmates without needing to lose their authority.

The open prisons program is developed in the all of Denmark for pretty much all kinds of felony from the smallest robbery to murder. Most often the inmates have been into a close prison before waiting for their sentence or already spending a part of it. The administration encourages the inmates to go to open prison because the level of recidivisms is much lower and because this system is extremely economic.


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